Loose Prints

Loose prints

True Photographic Printing
Constantly refined over the years, true photographic (silver halide) technology is reliable, dependable, affordable — and delivers beautiful, longlasting prints. Created using light-sensitive paper and silver-based chemistry, True Photo Prints offer constant colour under different light sources, unmatched longevity (no noticeable colour change after 200 years in albums), and durability.

Lustre prints are traditional photographs, digitally printed. Lustre prints are neither glossy nor matte — a finish refined over many decades by Kodak specifically for professional photographers and artists, to show their work at its best. Lustre prints offer bold rich blacks, clean whites, beautiful colours and unmatched longevity.
We offer sizing up to a mighty 60x30" for Wall Art that makes a real statement.

Metallic prints are a high gloss, vibrant photograph, still developed using traditional light-sensitive papers and silver halide inks.

For the ultimate in high contrast, this is Ian's personal favourite.
Metallics can be printed up to 18x12".